Discussion on: What tools do you use for CI/CD? Past experiences, recommendations?

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Adrian Kirsten

In our office we don't have such a big need for the "bigness" of CI tools but do use a CD service called buddy.works/. We run their standalone version, and it's bloody awesome.

I get that it won't be as advanced as you guys want/need, but for smaller projects / teams / companies it's awesome.

I guess in time we will migrate over to something more powerful, but right now it's more than suitable.

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Hey Adrian, thanks for putting Buddy on the list! Do not be deceived by our simple GUI: I can assure you we have everything to handle even the most advanced projects with over 30 Docker-based actions – from builds and tests to deployments to devops to website monitoring.

And for those who prefer configuration as code we have full YAML support: buddy.works/knowledge/yaml/yaml-in...

Just our two cents to make things clear, thanks for your kind words on Buddy!