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Discussion on: Why Kotlin may be better than Java and Python as the first programming language?

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Laszlo Toth

When first time ever I saw Java code at university, I felt it's so complicated, so much to learn and I hesitate how I am going to learn this. I was ok with it because many of my classmate felt the same and we went through this. together.

Probably Java is not the easiest way to write a "Hello World" or other basic code, test it and understand it but definitely a good point to learn and understand Object Oriented programming.

I wonder what is the difference between these 3 programming languages in practice.

I started to learn Android development with Java because I had a little experience with it years ago. I hesitate by now it would be better if I switch to Kotlin, but because so many fundamental lessons left from my course, I will keep going in Java and maybe I will try Kotlin as soon as I created some apps for practice.