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Discussion on: Progress Indicator With Fetch

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Trezy • Edited

Nice! I've been wondering lately about checking the progress of a fetch request. However, you use a for loop without any arguments in your example:

for (;;) { '...' }

Why not use a while loop?

let downloadIsDone = false

while (!downloadIsDone) {
  const { done, value } = await

  downloadIsDone = done
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Sam Thorogood Author

It's honestly just preference! If you want to be pedantic, then my way is less work: the while (...) loop checks downloadIsDone even though we know it's false already, but this is splitting hairs.

FWIW, I write a lot of Go, which has a "naked" for loop: for { ... }, which I quite like—it's just the same as using (;;) in the body of a JS for loop.