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Discussion on: Dev predictions for 2020

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Andrew Wooldridge Author

That's cool. I am in the camp that lots of different ways of building for the web can coexist, and cross pollination is how things grow and adapt. I mean that's how jQuery influenced the standard JavaScript api of querySelectorAll() etc. I don't think React has to lose if Svelte wins. There hopefully will continue to be innovation and idea sharing between libraries / frameworks. The ultimate goal is that ideas from all these frameworks get integrated at some point back into vanilla JS so that someday we have a robust native way to do these things.

I don't have any illusions that Svelte will dethrone React, but that's because I don't think React has any claim to any throne. Instead, we will see things like WebAssembly and Rust come into play on certain aspects of web development that would benefit from highly optimized and fast code.

So, I'm all for React being popular, and Svelte growing in popularity, but webdev is more than a popularity contest, it's about finding the right tool for the job, and I suspect many more folks will decide to try out Svelte in 2020.

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