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GitHub has dark mode now—will you switch?

GitHub finally has dark mode implemented

Now that GitHub has dark mode in their web browser, it brings up a question to me: Which one will you use? For me, it’s dark mode, due to my aesthetic choices. But, it’s not as soft and well-known as Discord’s, which it doesn’t have to be–but right now, it looks bright and harsh on the eyes. But it still comes with benefits, such as lower eye strain. Also, we were bound to get a dark mode on the website, since the GitHub app has dark mode. On the other hand, the light theme has had plenty of time to grow in our hearts, and is iconic of GitHub.

Tell me which one you’ll use and why!

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ahferroin7 profile image
Austin S. Hemmelgarn

I use dark mode pretty much everywhere I can. Due to my somewhat peculiar mix of vision issues, I have a significantly easier time reading light text on a darker background.

That said, GitHub’s dark mode is a bit lower contrast than I would normally like. Labels on issues and PRs especially are more difficult to read because instead of doing the sensible thing and not changing them they tried to make them light text on a dark background but didn’t really account for contrast at all.

trollboy_j profile image

Yes, you make a good point. The number of repositories you have and your commit activity don’t match quite as well as I’d like. I also feel they should’ve taken more palette inspiration from the mobile version, too.

drpaneas profile image
Panagiotis Georgiadis

of course I will switch, because I hate all this brightness of white.

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Phil Ashby

I switched immediately! Prior to Github adding a native dark mode, I have been using a browser plug in to achieve a similar, less-painful view... no brainer for me :)

potentialstyx profile image

Already have, dark mode forever!

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Cameron Thompson

I switched right away! Much easier to work into those long nights.

chrisf1031 profile image
Chris Ford

Dark mode for me. I turn on dark mode for everything I use, if it’s available.

nake89 profile image
Kevin Kivi

I was already using darkmode by using a custom css.