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Pavel Gurkov

It seems you're talking about some Perl crusade. I'm not afraid, thank you, but frankly, I don't really care what happens with Perl (and I'm talking about Perl 5/7). I'm sorry that you hear it as a Perl contributor.

Come on, first - words can't harm Perl. "There are two types of programming languages, ones that no one uses and ones people complain about" - that's B. Stroustrup. Second, if you're saying "stop saying it has problems", if you deny it, you can never think of those objectively and critically, which is imperative for improvement. Third, PHP did a lot more harm to Perl, in terms of popularity, than any words.

OK, if you want it, these aren't facts, these are my opinions. It just happens that a lot of people share those.

  • Perl is highly dynamic. So much that it has Lisp problem: how many different Object Programming systems you know for Perl? Some of them resemble CLOS, btw. This is not a coincedence.
  • Then, the evaluation result depends on the LVALUE type. This is nuts to me, very hard to see and hard to debug.
  • Then, due to the fact the syntax can be changed, and the object system can be changed, and almost ANYTHING can be changed - forget about parsing Perl without Perl, or running static analyzers or some other modern stuff.
  • And you have to apply strict coding practices for a large codebase to be readable. Or you'll get a funny-looking mess making the same thing happen in 10 different ways.
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Yuki Kimoto

I'm not afraid

thank you.

if you deny it, you can never think of those objectively and critically

I also like the constructive criticism of Perl.

On the other hand, there are so many terrible words that I am sensitive.