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Discussion on: React Native vs Flutter — What to Choose in 2021?

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Good write up. I'm mostly tired with biased articles on the Internet. But this is one of the reasonable comparison.

I've been recently building an app in both React Native and Flutter to see which one I prefer more. But there are really pros and cons on each framework and also personal preference of the developer really counts.

I feel that Flutter results in cleaner code than that written in RN and the app seems to be more reactive. But from customization point of view, I feel Flutter is harder to do, and if you don't want Material Design you will need some more work. Some Widgets are somehow limited to customize like ReorderableListView (maybe because of my limited knowledge).

I really want to use Flutter, but one critical part recently found is about the basic widgets like Flutter TextField on iOS (also TextFormField, CupertinoTextField). It behaves like an Android app that can potentially be confusing users like me the first time interacting with my Flutter app on iOS (current behavior: double-tap to display tooltips, long-press before able to drag | expect: single-tap, ready to drag). Really make me concern about integration on iOS with a question like: what else I still don't discover yet?

By the way, Flutter looks good in the long run. Love to see RN improves in a faster pace than how it is as well.

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OM Author

Thanks for your valuable comments mate! I very much agree to your point and me myself won't recommend Flutter to develop apps that might require more customization if don't want material ui design.

Also, as far as the gestures are concerned, React v16 have added React Fiber, a kind of reconciliation engine that helps increasing its suitability for areas like animation, layout, gestures, ability to pause, abort, or reuse work and assign priority to different types of updates; and new concurrency primitives. Highly recommended if want the native app feeling.

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Craig Oda

You're correct in identifying a current weakness of Flutter with iOS. Suggest you search online for other "undiscovered" problems that you're wondering about. There are likely more problems, some may be showstoppers. Flutter might be good for enterprise or business apps where you can control the hardware and the hardware is a specific Android model such as a Google Pixel. I wrote on another comment on this article that we're only using Flutter for prototyping and demonstrations, primarily on Android. Though, it does work on iOS and we do show it on iOS.

Flutter Web and Flutter Desktop are at the proof-of-concept stage at the moment. React is quite a bit ahead in those areas at the moment.