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Doing code review

After finishing my static site generation program, I partnered up with Oliver Pham so that we could both review each other's code.

Issues with my code:

A list of issues can be viewed here.

My program was not perfect in many ways, I expected it to have some flaws which turned out to be true.

The issues weren't severed, the program still functioned fine, but the HTML files generated had quite a few HTML markdown errors and the help command didn't print enough information. After some discussions, Oliver managed to fixed those issues easily, he also caused a bug but quickly patched it up.

My contribution to my partner's code

You can take a look at its issues here

I was excited to look at his Python code for the same program which is a language I haven't tried. Luckily, Python is not a hard language to jump into and his code was readable.

The first by I found was that his program couldn't open files encoded in utf-8 because Windows' default is Windows-1252.

The second bug was caused by the input path having the current path, ex: ./file.txt, the program couldn't parse the title from such file path.

Lastly, one of his functions that parses title from the text file(s) was a bit confusing so I shortened it using some regular expressions.


This activity actually gave me more joy and more experience collaborating, I thought it was gonna hard as I was giving away my code for another person to criticize.

In the end, it motivated me to test his program with a view to returning his help finding fault in my program, I wouldn't have this experience doing solo. Also, getting to actually use Github, making pull requests, talking to other devs, learning more about Python are valuable lessons to me.

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