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Discussion on: E2E Testing of excel file downloads with cypress

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i tried this code buy inside the spec file the parseXlsx wasn't recognized - any idea why?

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Adrian Flutur

Hi. Same for me. I'm very new to Cypress. Going out an a limb here, but shouldn't parseXLSX also be added to the cypress commands? Also how would you go about testing data on an excel file containing multiple sheets?

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another issue,
i finally succeeded to run the code but it fail with the following error :
fs.readFileSync is not a function

i read that it because :
fs will not work in the browser. This is by design as to protect your filesystem from potential security threats.

in case it is true, how the demo show that it is possible?

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Prabhat66in • Edited

you need to add this in command.js file for above code to work
Cypress.Commands.add("parseXlsx", (inputFile) => {
return cy.task('parseXlsx', { filePath: inputFile })