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There was a time when I was in the university I tended to format my laptop every 3 days testing Distros, eventually I realized that I always ended up going for ubuntu based distros because it suited me better, but also I realized that I ended up dual booting Windows 10 all the time, I sorted tons of mistakes and errors when it comes to partition and dual booting, it was a fun ride, specially when exams were close.

Now days I use Windows 10 with Powershell instead of cmd, that improved greatly how I worked on my dev envs, also thankfully many of the tools I used have vastly improved and they work as close as possible in linux and windows, so I don't have any problems/differences on my Linux machines and Windows machines.

I do use Linux too, I use Ubuntu budgie, which is a really neat distro with what I always use under the hood, when I don't use Ubuntu budgie, I use Manjaro, which is complicated sometimes when it comes to my dev setup, because many tools expect a debian/ubuntu based OS (though Manjaro does have an amazing community ensuring that stuff just works on it)

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