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I have worked in Mexican companies, as well as Mexican companies that do nearshore work for the US

US Developers have it quite easy, I often see my calendar people leaving the office for sickness, because their dog needs to go to the vet, because their back hurts, they want to work from office because of reasons... that is on the software clients we have, so yeah there's quite an flux of people back and forth, so I'd say the US does have those 5 points.

that is quite contrasting to Mexican companies that work for Mexican clients where you may be sick as hell but if you miss the clock in the morning it's a bunch of bonuses less at the end of the week, and there are not a lot excuses/reasons to leave office until it is really necessary.
While we have quite stricter set of rules in Mexico in that regard it doesn't really compare in other areas, I can leave my office on time also I can enjoy working from home, my hardest day involves just casual changing requirements for software, but no other engineer fields(beyond really lucky sysadmins) I know from my friends and acquittances neither medics, have those "luxuries" they need to be stuck in office without question and most likely after hours (at least 1)

So... yeah I think concluding

  1. It is easy for you to find a job
    Here in Mexico, as long as you know English and are relatively competent programmer; yes it is easier than in other fields

  2. It is easy for you to build that website/software/hack, you are developer after all
    perhaps it was hard at the beginning, but after the n*th CRUD everything else is relatively easy (at least regarding web development)

  3. It is easy for you to work remotely
    my current position is remote, so yeah before I didn't want to take remote because I wasn't sure on myself but not because I didn't have the option, and I repeat as long as you are good and know English, it is easier to get a remote job as dev than in other fields

  4. It is easy for you to get a lot of money for little work
    The average salary for most people I know (that are not software devs) is from 10k MXN - 15k MXN a month (not a lot I know) on the other hand, most of my colleagues are in a 20k MXN - 28k MXN a month so I'd say yes

  5. It is easy for you to change a job
    I will repeat it again, in Mexico as long as you are good dev and know English it is

perhaps that's just on my personal sphere, but I do believe it is a general trend in the country

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