re: If I don't use React, am I still a developer? VIEW POST

  • Just how in the world does one keep up with it all? You need to keep up with the things you want to build your career, like PHP? get on your feed with PHP7 or other backend languages like the front? just pick one and learn the concepts behind (most of today's frontend frameworks are about components everything else is fancy stuff that may/maynot come with other frabeworks) it don't marry the framework, learn what it tries to solve and how often these concepts are translatable to other frameworks/tools
  • If I don't keep up, will I still be taken seriously as a developer? Yeah, why not? I don't know a piece of C/C++ and I'm considered as a developer just not a C/C++ developer
  • Is there a place in the dev community for those who are marketers first, and developers second? No idea
  • Is becoming full stack out of the question? It's a nice to have, but not requried in my experience
  • And alas, if I don't use React, am I still a developer? of course! not everyone likes/needs react, I for certain don't need it or like it at all and I don't feel less capable than other people I know
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