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Discussion on: What is your preferred keyboard for programming?

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Angel D. Munoz

Spoiler alert: Razer bias

I used two Razer keyboards before the Anansi which got quite heavy and sticky (I live in the middle of a desert, so there's too much fine sand on the environment) on the keys. Then I switched to a DeathStalker Chroma which is quite similar to a laptop keyboard. I really liked that but then this friend comes and tells me if I'm selling that.
Today I use a Razer Huntsman
which is... awesome (at least for me) I hadn't ever used a mechanical keyboard for more than like... couple hours of gaming at a friends house but I felt them like lovely for the clicky sound but after some time I felt my hands kinda tired

the Huntsman on the other hand it feels really light on your hands. Sometimes extra light. If I rest my hands with a little more pressure the keys fire off.

But overall I really like it. If you are sensitive to the noise these mechanical things do... perhaps this is not the best keyboard for you. Sometimes they keys bounce up too hard and the spring that keeps it together kind of resonates like a small metalic hummm

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Gene Author

Mechanical but it’s sounds soft. I’ve tried it.