Discussion on: Add Calendly to your React website, quickly and easily.

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Kayla Gordon Author

Hi Alan,

I'm sorry for my delayed response. I should log in more often.

Calendly is there to show when someone has free time to meet, or in this case, provide available viewing times to potential tenants. For your situation, the landlord would make his schedule available through Calendly and potential tenants could see when he/she has free time to have a viewing. I don't think through Calendly you can interact to agree on a time. That would be more for email or chat widget, etc. Calendly is just there to book the appointment.

If you want to know what all Calendly can do, I recommend having a look at their docs. I'll fetch their website for you: calendly.com/

I hope I helped answer your question. Once again, I'm sorry for my late reply. Take care!

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Alan Smith

No problem, thanks for your reply!