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Discussion on: Learning Cloud? (Serverless, Kubernetes, Microservices, etc) — What's your biggest frustration?

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Oh no no, the humor was absorbed silently!

Absolutely, I do not have answers for most questions (perhaps just having a bit of clue on where to find answers).

Didn't mean to bash on anything. I'll drop the terms fair/unfair :)

Though, I hold the opinion on 'general software development knowledge'. I believe a sufficient software engineer should know what are the necessary components of a service (logs, metrics, data storage, server/host, endpoint ... etc), which is the minimum bar.

yeah, I made an assumption of engineer audience. that's on me.

My apologies that 'lacking of general software development knowledge' does sound a bit negative, but that's perhaps true for all junior engineers. It's not necessarily a bad thing at all. It just means room to learn.

I guess I was just nit-picking that some of the doubts mentioned in the post are true for any type of software development.

Some of my learning curves when building up a serverless service:

  • AWS CloudFormation? (lucky to understand it right before turning my project into a onetime manual hack)
  • IAM roles, oh wait, assume roles? what?
  • API Gateway + Lambda?
  • No need of a ec2 instance anymore, but is the whole setup actually cheaper?