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re: Sadly, it is also a self-fulfilling prophecy: If you only go where other people already are, you will not help the other communities to grow. Co...

Advertising the de-facto leading static blog generator (assuming that Jekyll is only second today which I don't know for sure) will automatically attract more people to it and does not make much sense in my opinion, for the same reason why advertising for Coca-Cola does not: probably everyone interested in such things already knows that.

What I mean is that it could be more of a gain for everyone to spend more time with the other alternatives. Most of them have most of Hugo's advantages, minus the large community. All of us can change that any day. :-)

Okay, I understand your point of view.

Could you provide some useful links to frameworks you mentioned? Or could you write what is so great about it?

Well, the staticsitegenerators list linked above is a good starting point. Greatness is highly subjective though, as everyone has different needs. I even have a bashblog in one of my projects because I needed something really simple.

Wow, that is a great list.

I already heard about Pelican and Grav, and they are pretty popular, according to the number of stars. They were brought to my attention by the Lobster community, but I haven't had time to explore it yet. I never heard of Coleslaw.

I am already familiar with Jekyll, Hexo, and Middleman, and I even wrote an overview about them:

Thank you for bringing the attention to other frameworks, too.

I never heard of Coleslaw.

You should try it. I wrote two plugins for it. :-)

edit: Yup, we talked about Pelican there.

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