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re: It's probably helpful context to know that I've worked with Drupal the past 6 years. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I think PHP, in gene...

The edge WordPress has is they automatically update for people (I think, I don't do WP).

WordPress finally has automatic security updates now (which can be turned off) - but that only affects minor updates. And they won't maintain multiple versions in parallel. WordPress 4.9.x to 4.9.y will be updated (= security-fixed) automatically - but none of the plugins will. And once WordPress 5.0 has been released, 4.9 users are doomed without manually updating (which can be an annoying task for more complicated setups, like multi-site WordPresses).

lol, don't get me started on Gutenberg....I have so many accessibility rants regarding that.

Yup. I can't even right-align a thumbnail with that thing.

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