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WebAssembly lacks built-in DOM support and browsers still don't allow me to do this:

<script src="mymodule.wasm" type="application/wasm"></script>

Those are the only two things that keep me from never touching JavaScript ever again.


Really the only thing? Do you have experience making Rich Internet Applications? Do you recall compiled binaries for the web? They ran in ActiveX, Flash and Silverlight. Your advocation for WASM, which I welcome by the way, seems to point to a holy grail that does not yet exist? Please share more. - regards.


There's a proposal on WASM module integration which should make your life easier: github.com/WebAssembly/esm-integra...

You still won't get rid of JS

WebAssembly is going to get a lot better in the future: WebAssembly’s post-MVP future: A cartoon skill tree


You still won't get rid of JS

Not yet. :-) I'll keep watching it.


The writing will be on the wall for JavaScript as soon as webassembly gets direct access to the DOM. At first it will be slow but then some one will write tools to automate fundamental libraries like Date and time, and localisation to webassembly. Better typed checked languages without the need for transpilers will ensure JavaScript being used mainly for legacy code.

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