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Discussion on: How I chose my Code Editor

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I started with Notepad in the 90s, came over EditPad Lite and UltraEdit to Notepad++ not much later, tried GVim for a while, stuck with Sublime Text for a few years and finally made the switch to Emacs in 2012 which is where I still feel comfortable. I still have Sublime Text installed for certain regex things.

On servers, I usually have mg, joe or ed (yes, ed) ready, depending on what I want to edit and which server it is.

The problem is that I always feel like I'm missing something when I settle with one tool. I even gave Atom a chance just to find out that Webkit is a horrible code base for about anything. I tried Sam and I didn't understand it. I tried THE and it was disturbing. But at least I'm still believing that there is always a better way to solve all problems.

I wish I could like Vim, just for street credibility. But I don't.