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If an effort to get past some of this, I've started adding anything I google too frequently into Anki for me to study and memorize. I've found spaced repetition learning to be very useful.

It used to be that, if I wanted to hunt down every file in my repo with a certain bit of text in the code, I'd have to Google exactly how to phrase that in grep. Now, I just know to grep -rl "the string in question" /path/of/repo. I wouldn't say I've "learned grep", but I know that one command that is all I want 99% of the time. Little quirks of languages, remembering the order of things in bash commands, bits of APIs you need all the time--all of them great candidates for a flash card. If I weren't using an SRS system, I'd be wasting lots of time looking it up because I never memorized it.

There are still plenty of things I don't have memorized; but I keep adding to my study deck and, slowly but surely, cutting down on Googling.

Edit: for a good general explanation of spaced repetition systems, I recommend this interactive by Nicky Case.

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