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What's beyond full-stack? Because I'm simultaneously responsible for front-end, back-end, devops, and the damned office printers.

My feelings about printers in a gif.


Been there, done that, have the shrink bills to prove it 😂!


Are you really sure that you actually exist? You might want to try pinching yourself. ;)


I know right. In small businesses and startups, you have to do everything. Even get cookies and coffee ready for meetings.
The corporate devs have it easy, they can concentrate on only one thing... actually sounds a bit boring :D


Even replacing printer inks 😄


I think I'd end up doing this too if I didn't take so much pleasure in saying to people "sorry, you'll need to speak to IT Support for that". I've lost count how many times someone has come to me and said "my printers broken" and go on, what feels like, an hour long monologue before I lay that gem of a line on them.

Yes..... I do let them waste their breath telling me all about it first :)


Wish I could do that. Sadly, I am IT support. I split my days between writing code and jiggling loose monitor cables whenever someone's screen goes black.

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