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Discussion on: The Modern Way of Managing APIs Using Protobuf and OpenAPI

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Tamimi Ahmad

Great article, thanks for sharing Alexandro! Curious to know what your input is on Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) for microservices? Similar to what you mentioned, REST based APIs are a terrible idea for a microservices architecture and you advice taking the gRPC route, however EDA also uses messaging APIs. In my opinion, issues with gRPC will rise when interoperability is needed with other protocols. Using a message broker in the architecture would allow for an EDA implementation.

Disclosure: I work for Solace, a leader in the field of EDA and has a PubSub+ Event Broker product that facilitates messaging.

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Alexsandro Souza Author

it is fine if you need to replace gRPC with an Event Stream. You will not need to create protobuf service but will still use protobuf messages.

EDA would use the same contract done with protobuf.

If you use Kafka you would replace Avro for Protobuf.

Did it make sense?