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Discussion on: 6 Reasons to use Vue.js

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Chad Smith

"Adding Vue to an existing web project is relatively simple. You can start coding very quickly without having to know anything about JSX, ES2015, or build systems to get started."

This part needs to be stressed more and more in my mind and is the biggest problem with so many JavaScript frameworks/libraries right now. So many frameworks force you to jump through so many hoops to make sure you have the build system they chose setup correctly. Force you to run their project template setups.

I sometimes just want to quickly prototype something. Linking to one JS file, writing like a couple lines of code without the need of a huge boilerplate is was has me sold on Vue more than any other framework right now.

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Lynne Finnigan Author

I completely agree, this is the thing that I struggle with the most and I expected the same with Vue.

At times I find myself overcomplicating things in Vue if anything, just because I expected it to be harder to do than it is!