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When I am interviewing people I honestly don't even care if they give me a fully correct solution. I understand not everyone can do that spur of the moment. I certainly can not. What I'm looking for is confidence in your solution, your thought process, the questions you ask, and if you can explain why you think your solution is right.


That's exactly what I did wrong. :)
Knowing me, not knowing how I should do whiteboard interviews I've got nervous, ultimately auto-sabotaging my performance. So what this test proved of me is that when I'm agitated I cannot articulate the solution of an algorithm. It's something that for me has to do more with public speaking than the job itself. I never have that feeling at work, not like that!


The interviewer did a bad job: it’s his duty to make you feel comfortable and safe. And it’s his job to animate a conversation if you’re stuck in your thoughts. And it’s his duty to guide you to write or discuss top level pseudo code.
Then whiteboard interviews make sense...

"The interviewer did a bad job: it’s his duty to make you feel comfortable"

Agreed. I always try to make people feel comfortable because if they don't, I ultimately don't get a chance to see what they are really capable of.

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