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Discussion on: React vs. Angular vs. VueJS vs. Native

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Chad Smith

I have been researching more and more about web frameworks and trying them all out lately.

The first one I tried out was Angular. I enjoyed using it with TypeScript though just felt like the framework itself was too large and bloated (not in terms of file size, just in terms of everything it tried to do) and it just never felt "easy" to get started.

I then decided to try out some React. I will admit I didn't spend much time with React so I can't fully give an opinion on it though from what I used I did like. I can see why it is popular. Though I also felt like it was "hard" to get started. I couldn't just prototype. Felt like I always had to use a CLI tool to generate my project and constantly make sure you had a build system setup.

Lately though I have decided to try out Vue. I must say I think I have finally found the one that I enjoyed the most. It was definitely the easiest to get started with and the documentation and official getting started guide on Vue's site itself is top notch. Vue allows you to use the more advanced build tools and of course use ES6 code. Though the thing I love the most about Vue: you can use it just like you would any other Javascript library. Forget about setting up a build system. Forget about transpiling ES6 to ES5. Just include Vue from the CDN like you would even JQuery and just write plane jane original JavaScript.

Also I have to say: I think the new Vue UI tool to generate/manage a new Vue Project is super cool.