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Discussion on: 6 tips to work from home successfully 💪

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Chad Smith

I have worked from home here and there a few times in the past, but now that I am fully doing it with everything going on I am forcing a few things.

The morning routine is very important. I actually get up the same time as when I don't work from home (I actually only work 5 minutes from my home so commute was never an issue). This helps me stay in the mindset that I am going to work.

My morning shower and getting ready is still very important. I try to put on clothes that I'd wear to work. This also keeps my mindset that I'm working.

My breaks are better too. Instead of just walking to the break room or something my breaks include just taking my dog for a quick 10 minute walk. Gets me off what I was on, blood pumping a bit, and my dog is happier.

Overall I feel I have been more productive working from home now. It's all about finding that routine to make your mind believe you are going to work.

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Matt Blaul Author

100% agree with everything you mentioned! You should believe you're going to work because you are. You just have to let your mind know that by doing those routines. 🙂
So glad to hear it's working and reducing the stress of work when so many other things are up in the air.