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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Steven Lemon

Taking one of my posts from earlier this year as an example,

views on - 43
views on medium - 17200

Now, I know that I'm still improving my writing abilities and I'm not expecting to get heaps of views, but it's very difficult to get meaningful feedback when I can't even crack 50 views on a given platform.

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Mydrax Author

I understand the frustration myself, the whole point of writing something is mostly to get some feedback and then grow on it. Really sorry to hear about that. It's surprising that your article performed better on Medium, thought the platform is dead when it comes to dev-related content? Older posts still do good though afaik.

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perpetual . education

Could be bots. I mean - the comments are really what matters. how-are-you-paying-it-forward-as-a...

2 thoughts...

from the whole community? There's not back and forth.. just "hey look at my thing... don't interact with me though...."