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Typetron Beta is here:

Since my last post about Typetron there have been some crazy months but it is finally here.

Typetron BETA is here!

Typetron is a Node.js web framework used for creating backend services. I demonstrate this in two of the available tutorials:

How does it look like in code?


import { Controller, Delete, Get, Put, Post } from '@Typetron/Router'
import { Article } from 'App/Entities/Article'
import { ArticleForm } from 'App/Forms/ArticleForm'

export class ArticleController {
    all() {
        return Article.get()

    add(form: ArticleForm) {
        return Article.create(form)

    update(article: Article, form: ArticleForm) {
        return article.fill(form).save()

    async delete(article: Article) {
        await article.delete()
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import { Column, Entity, ID, HasMany, Relation } from '@Typetron/Database'
import { Comment } from 'App/Entities/Comment'

export class Article extends Entity {
    id: ID

    title: string

    content: string

    createdAt: Date

    updatedAt: Date

    @Relation(() => Comment, 'article')
    comments: HasMany<Comment>
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If you don't know anything about Javascript or Typetron, you can find some great FREE courses here that I recommend you to watch

It would be great to see your feedback and what features you would like to see in a framework like this. Take the tutorials and see what's missing 😄.

Check the website
Twitter at @Typetron_
My Twitter @ionellupu_
Come and leave a question on Reddit
Join the Facebook group
Let's talk on Slack
Linkedin - Typetron

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