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🚀 Typetron alpha is officially out:

I've been working on a Node.js framework for building REST APIs lately called Typetron and I wanted to announce it's alpha release together with its first tutorial where I show you how to build a simple backend for a personal blog. 🔥🔥🔥

I know, I know, another Javascript framework. Even tho' Typetron can't promise you now that is a great framework, I hope it will blow you away with the version 1.0 release (which I hope I can get out at the end of summer).

After this announcement, I will start working on its second tutorial that will mark the Beta release, where I will show you how you can make a clone. I hope I can get the frontend tutorials ready also. Typetron will have support utilities to play seamlessly with your frontend app.

It would be great to see your feedback and what features you would like to see in a framework like this. Take the first tutorial and see what's missing 😄.

Check the website
Twitter at @Typetron_
My Twitter @ionellupu_
Come and leave a question on Reddit
Join the Facebook group
Let's talk on Slack
Linkedin - Typetron

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