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Typetron has a CLI now

A few months ago I released the Beta version of Typetron and since then I've made a few changes to it and added some new features. One of it is the CLI.

The CLI was created to make dev's life easier by giving them a set of tools to automate some parts of the development process.


Installing Typetron's CLI is easy enough, as you would already expect:

$ npm install -g typetron
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This will create a global command called, well, typetron.

This command line tool has a few sub-commands that you can use. Here is a list of them:

  1. The new command
$ typetron new MyProject
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As you are already used to in CLIs, the new command creates a new Typetron project with a basic scaffolding and installs its dependecies.

  1. The routes command
$ typetron routes
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Tis command will print out all the routes in your Typetron project together with some information about them. It comes in handy when you have a lot of them in a big project.

  1. The migrate, migrate:rollback and migrate:reset commads
$ typetron migrate
Migrating 'CreateUsersTable'
Migrated 'CreateUsersTable'

$ typetron migrate:rollback
Rolling back...
Rolling back the 'CreateUsersTable' migration.
Reverted 'CreateUsersTable' migration.

$ typetron migrate:reset
Resetting database...
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These commands are used to manage your Typetron app migrations

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