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Discussion on: Example of complex SQL query to get as much data as possible from Database.

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Andrei Navumau Author

Hi, Unfrozen Caveman Dev.
Thank you for your comment.

To your questions:

  1. What I wanted back? - As much information as possible about all employees. This, basically, made me think of LEFT JOIN to employees table, so that I don't miss anyone in this list.
  2. I was using Oracle SQL developer to access my database.

I appreciate your feedback.

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Unfrozen Caveman Dev

Makes sense. Then yes, you used the correct join. And it's worth noting that JOIN syntax is slightly different in different systems, so it's worth specifying a little more clearly which join you're using.

INNER JOIN instead of JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, etc. I can't remember, but I think those work in Oracle just fine, and will work across a few other systems.

If I'm wrong, no worries, just a readability thing.

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