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Amoo ubuntu:)
Amoo ubuntu:)

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Hi! Today we are going to know about some useful commands. In this part we will learn important commands about system info and if you enjoy i will publish second part. :)
1-date:This command showS the date and clock.
2-cal:You can see the calendar
3-uptime:Shows the users and how long you have used your system.
4-w:This command shows the users and full information about them.
5-whoami:It shows current user.
6-finger (user): It shows some information about user(write your user). For this one maybe you should install it with this command: sudo apt install finger.
7-uname:It shows you system name.
8-uname -a:With this command you can know more information such as kernel.
9-cat /proc/cpuinfo : It shows info about your cpu.
10-cat /proc/meminfo : IT shows your ram info.
11-du: It shows how much directories used of memory
12-free: It shows free memory and swap.
13-lspci: It shows all slots on your system.
14-lsblk:This command shows about apps size and block devices.
15-man (cammand name):With this command you can have a guide about commands such as "man sudo".

Linux has many commands some of them are very useful and some of them are dangerous don't try to run all commands on your terminal. I will publish another article about dangerous commands in linux. I hope you enjoy this if it is helpful share with your friends :).

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