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Discussion on: Does business need a good code?

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We IT guys and devs are for a big part of us obsessed with the idea of "good code".
Even as beginners we may not know exactly what it is, yet we instinctively know it makes sense.
So as a beginner I read about it, yet nobody really talks about it. Then names such as Robert C. Martin pops out. You end up imagining that code must be clean no matter what.
Then you developed the habit to worry about that matter yet you still don't know.
Until one day you read or see the actual Robert C. Martin basically telling your code should not be perfect while you write it. It should be clean at commit time. But in between you can do what it is you think is needed and refactor.
That was to me very comforting to realize it is not so rigid.

Also in the cases you mention there's no point to do super advanced clean code.

As an example, when I was trained in .NET and C# particularly, I did bring that taste for clean job with me. We were given assignments or regular basis. During the time of the training, when things became a bit serious, I often thought I was late compared to some others. But it was just me trying to apply MVVM that was fresh to me while the instructor expected us to write in the code-behind. When the instructor saw that, he told me to stop trying MVVM. And indeed it went faster from then.
Also at the end of the year I learnt that some people claimed they finished the assignments while they actually didn't. Also I could see some GUI worth Picasso or Dali with controls all over the place. Looks like they drag'n'dropped from the toolbox while I was trying to have those things organised properly writing XAML code.

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Aleksei Berezkin Author

You are right, telling good vs bad code is hard, so I don't go there 😉 Thanks for your comment.