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re: Being a digital nomad (which I think is the fancy term for who works from anywhere) I think it's really a popular option right now, a lot of ppl di...

Yeah that's probably the buzz-word people are using XD As you say companies are challenging old mind-sets. Offices are expensive!

I don't think remote work needs any extra tools that a tech organisation already has today, but the way everyone agrees to use them needs to be aligned across the board. Communication needs to be more inherently async. Instantly answering chat messages for instance should not disturb anyone to the degree that they are not getting any work done.

The result of that is for instance that decisions needs to be fully transparent for all the teams to see, because it's not possible for the news to travel to others. It's rather fascinating how information can spread in an office setting, somehow word get's around automatically. In the remote world there's no magical way for information to spread. It needs to be available or it's going to become frustrating fast, when PM "keeps things agile" in the project and many hours go to waste because the devs were not kept in the loop of what the product managers decided half a day ago. Or there's no notice to anyone when the backend team is deploying breaking changes.

Open-source projects are perfect example what remote teams can achieve and how well information can be spread to many developers.

Thanks for the great feedback 😁


Maybe being an open-source contributor will be more valuable in no time by recuirters of all company sizes (included the old-fashioned) as a proof of good work remote practices :)

I hope so! It's also the best proof that a software engineer knows the workflow of daily coding. sending PRs, making issues, discussing, getting feedback in code reviews etc.

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