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re: I've come across a variation of this idea lately - that most opportunities lie in your extended network, not the people who are closest to you, bec...

Glad you liked the post!

Thank you for you input, I've also been thinking on the topic for a while. It could be also that there's jealousy at play as well. My thinking is that original networks will be making comparisons to each other, who's the more successful, who's making more money and the list goes on. If someone is taking a risk with a high reward, no one can say for sure if that person is going to be successful in that pursuit or not. But, if they are successful it might "put them ahead" in the competition, and people are much less likely to lend a hand. It will help the enemy so to say. Maybe we are keeping our enemies closest after all 🤔

In comparison if it's not someone in your direct network looking for help it does not impact you at all if they are successful. It does not infringe on your position in your current "pack". Also further, there's a slight chance of new opportunity if they do succeed.

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