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Hello, I am a human and I don't know what this site is about just yet! I think it's something like medium but only for developers?

If you - yes you - are reading this and have a pet or know someone who has a pet, please say hi from me.


P.S: This hi is from a fellow human (aka me) and his cat!


Hi there!

I have a pet! And if you read until the end of this comment, I'll let ya meet him.

So, I'd say DEV is indeed kinda like Medium but for devs. But there's more to it for sure...

Here's a really awesome post that explains a lot about what DEV is and some of the basics:

And here's my cat Kiernan:


Technically I have 2 other cats, but I can't just go throwing out pics of all 3 cats at once — gotta leave something to keep'em coming back.


Hi! I have 2 1/2 pets... 2 cats and a dog which we raised but now she's the beloved dog of all neighbors around town xD

And yeah it's like Medium for devs but free, open-source, and more newbie-friendly. It's a lovely community, as you'll notice! 😃


My 4 dogs say thank you. Well, not literally. But they're certainly glad haha

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