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Thank you for sharing your experience, Scott!

I don't drink. I'm Muslim, but I also don't drink because I personally don't want to support social norms that drinking is "cool" until someone has a problem with it, and everyone just throws that person away.

But I definitely understand the awkwardness of events being at bars and not drinking. Once we even had a "drinking party day" at a startup I was at. Ended up just people watching that day. Now, I haven't been through your experiences, but for me, I've found that if someone asks if I want a drink, I just say, "Nah, personal reasons" and they don't ask again.

I think of it as a self-discipline thing. I've decided that I want to live a life without drinking and I'm not afraid I won't be cool because of it. I've read about people who carry soda or water to look like they're drinking to fit in, but screw that. It's a life choice I've made in the same way that I choose to wear bright color shirts most of the time.

Not sure where I'm going with this, but I liked your post and wanted to share my experience with similar feelings.


Hey mate, thanks for sharing! That's some good insight right there! :D

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