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Discussion on: Web Monetization like I'm 5

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Jerry Aaron

Have read the article since last night and went through ideas regarding the hackathon. I have a question. when u build an app or website and add web monetization to it. Let's say a blog how will a user who did not subscribe to web monetization let's say (the user did not register on coil) will be debited or be charge for consuming contents on your site

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Emilie Ma

They won't - you won't receive anything either.
However, you can make it so that a user can't see exclusive content if they don't have Coil.

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Adding to the above questions, is it only those that have account with coil a content creator can earn from?

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Name cannot be blank Author

Right now, the adoption is still new, and also content creators can decide on that. For example, if you visit and you don't have a coil extension on your browser, you will still be able to view all the contents, and if you have a coil account, coil will stream micropayments to me. I can decide to make content visible to only people with a monetization account (extension) on their browser. So it's totally depending on the creator.