re: Is it Ethical for a Hackathon Organizer to take all the Intellectual Property (IP) Rights of the winning idea? VIEW POST

re: I believe it is Ethical as long as the participant is made fully aware of the transfer of Intellectual Property before they submit there work or id...

Here is why I decided to back out:
" During the term of the hackathon, [Organizer company] will have an exclusive first-look right over all idea submissions other than ‘Winning Idea’ i.e., the Hackathon Organizer will consider all submissions for a potential acquisition with an intent to exploit the idea in perpetuity, in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. Such a ‘first-look right’ will be available to the Hackathon Organizer for a period of 30 (thirty) days from date of announcement of the reward for the ‘Winning Idea(s)’.

Further, the participant(s) hereby agree that the idea(s) will not be submitted to any third party during such a review period unless and until [Organiser Company] has expressly declined to exploit the said rights. In the event that the Hackathon Organizer does not respond to the participant within the said 30 (thirty) day period, participants may choose to submit the same to any third party."

I would too, to be honest. I believe participants probably should have been made to read this information before submitting. I consider it unethical to hide this in the terms and conditions and other small print.

It a tricky way of getting our work & idea . Good business

I would agree. but Good business is Good business.

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