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Discussion on: ViteJS, Ionic Framework Beta v6, ReactJS And Capacitor Mobile Device Deployment

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Luciano Lima • Edited on

Thanks for bringing the tutorial Aaron, I'm trying to make some prototypes with Ionic v6 also, and was following your tutorial and everything should be working normally, but when you try to run the vite command, esbuild fails to build it because is missing some "attachShadow" method from stencil:

import { attachShadow, createEvent, h, Host, proxyCustomElement } from '@stencil/core/internal/client';
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It is a known issue as can be found here:

If someone is having the same issue, you just have to install the correct @stencil/core version:

npm install @stencil/core@2.9.0
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Hope to help.

P.S.: It seems to not work when using yarn to install your packages, probably because of how yarn manages third party libraries dependencies. Using NPM works as expected.

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Aaron K Saunders Author

looks like they already posted a work around -