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I remember how I was sitting at the computer and I was so bored with the layout, constantly something was going somewhere wrong, and so I sat and tried to make layouts where everything would be ready. And then I came across a post and saw the bootstrap. The effect was WOW. So this is the same thing that I sit and do. I immediately abandoned my project, as the grid in the bootstrap was more beautiful and more structured. My grid was based on 960Grid, but it was super-simple and small in size. I called it 100Grid, allocated 1% to each block, and the whole screen was broken not into 12 or 16 blocks but into 100.

Time passed and I see that the bootstrap is used so ineptly as jquery - they shove the entire library into a 250 KB project, and not Understand what is needed from it. And I once compressed jquery to 15 kb, and if I needed some kind of module, I added it separately and only to the page where it was needed.

Unfortunately, none of the programmers has yet come up with a great (easy) method in using only such code that is now on the page, so that unnecessary libraries / styles / markup / are not displayed if the document is not necessary.

Bootstrap was just the very first, like Google, which he suggested doing quickly, conveniently for the developer, a well-documented library.

But now this again makes him a monster, in which simply by connecting it you get at least 250 kb of load to your site and redundant output of DOM elements.

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