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Discussion on: Brogrammer - Our Contribution Towards A Fitter World

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Utkarsh Talwar Author

Thank you for the kind words, Arturs. While I do still maintain that we had the best intentions for this project, I can't reject the fact that it did send the wrong vibes to some people, even if unintentionally. Everyone didn't find the name and imagery humorous, and that's completely okay with me. But since so many people took the time to tell us how it projected a negative image of the product to them, it would behoove us to be more careful about these things in the future.

I hope everyone takes the time to really use and critique the app for what it is and not reject it simply based on the name itself.

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Amruta Ranade • Edited

That's the point though -- the name and imagery is so exclusive that it immediately excludes people and sends the message "don't try this app - it's not for you". Imagine if the app was called "Fitness Sisters" or something similar -- would you be inclined to try it or would you think the name signifies the intended audience?

I appreciate that you are willing to listen to user feedback and would urge you to consider audience and messaging more carefully for future projects.

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Arturs Timofejevs

So if I am primarily a JavaScript Developer and someone posts about the Blazor framework I should also be just as angry at them for not making it all inclusive to all of us poor JavaScript developers?

Why not extend it to everything then? Lets make everything and everyone merge into one thing.

I disagree with this mentality and I really do not think that devs should be preoccupied with silly nonsense like this.