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Finally, I've found the exact thing that I was looking for. However, I still have a question. Can you show me how to initialize state from child nodes using this approach. What I wanted to achieve is something that is similar on this:
const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(
() => {
return { field1: sampleValue1, field2: sampleValue2}


Thank you in advance.


Hey, I'm glad this helps you, according to react docs you can initialize a state passing a third argument. reactjs.org/docs/hooks-reference.h....


Yup, it same as what I also mentioned above. But, how would you achieve it in a context since the reducer is already part of the context?

oh. maybe you can pass the function through the context to the reducer? I'm going to try it and if I'm able to do it, I'll share the code :)

Yup, looking forward to it. That is what I wanted to achieve, I saw also in hooks document that we can create an init function that can be call through dispatch, however, not yet tried it.

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