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Discussion on: Why I switched from normal CSS to Tailwind CSS

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William Kuang

The categorisation problem is the adage that naming things is hard. I have worked with designers and PM's who start with one design, and then cascade to many many variants without telling you in advance.

For example, say there is a component that only exists on the settings page - like a block of text above a group of buttons. You might start by calling the CSS container .settings-page as the block. Then you might call the text the .settings-page_text as block and element, then you might call the button group .settings-pagebutton-group, then you might call the individual buttons as .settings-page_button--primary to have block, element, and modifier.

Then your designer/PM likes the button group and wants to use it in a completely different page. You can no longer use the previous naming convention. This example is a bit contrived, but what I am pointing out, is that you can't always know in advance, how the naming should actually be for your usage. What you can know is that a button should be say primary and you apply the atomic style to style it primary.