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React + Vite quick start

I convinced my class at Tech Talent South to use Vite instead of create-react-app. These are some notes I wrote to help my instructor, TA, and classmates start using Vite.

Single command quick start (Windows)

(These instructions may work for non-Windows computers, but it didn't work for at least one of my classmates who used Linux. You can always look at the official Vite documentation for more details.)


npm init vite@latest my-vue-app -- --template react
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Navigate to your project and install dependencies via

cd my-vue-app
npm i
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Run your app with

npm run dev
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For more info, check out the docs or Evan You's 14 minute demo video.

Multiple command quick start


npm init vite@latest
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and select the options you want.


πŸ“ Docs

πŸŽ₯ Demo video

πŸ‘₯ Why ES modules?


πŸ‘€Replacing create-react-app with ViteπŸ‘€


  • Use .jsx files instead of .js files unless you're writing pure JavaScript.

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