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Discussion on: I created Hoppscotch πŸ‘½ - Open source API development ecosystem

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘ • Edited on

Tuppence time: I think it's a cute pun, and works well as an homage. Plus it opens the door wide for a vast array of inappropriate puns and silly jokes about Postman and Postwoman.

Like, what if there's an acquisition offer? The Register would (will?) have a field day.

And I'll just leave this here:

Only downside I can see is there might be some faffing around over copyright or people who take themselves too seriously taking the name too seriously. E.g. be prepared for the suggestions of "postwomyn" and whatnot.

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Liyas Thomas Author

NuxtJS, NextJS, NestJS.

Just saying.