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re: While I won't say Vim is the best, I think it does enforce a different paradigm of thinking that is beneficial to growth as a developer. It helped ...

VSCode with VIM bindings is hard to beat.

I keep forgetting they have this. One day my deep suspicions of Microsoft will wane enough to use it. Today is not that day, nor is tomorrow. But these little reminders bring it closer.

I use it like that. In fact, and I know this is getting 180-degrees from the point of the post, but I have this in my config:

nnoremap <leader>vs :silent exec "!open vscodium://file/" . expand("%:p") . ":" . line(".") . ":" . col(".")<cr>:redraw!<cr>

If I'm using Vim and want to switch to VSCode (I use VSCodium here) then I hit up the mapping and boom, there it goes. This is most useful when I want to use the debugger, which is sometimes easier in VSCode than it is in Vdebug.

I use VSCodium

I would expect nothing less of such a gentleman and a scholar.

Oh my gosh, how did I not know about VSCodium. Thanks and that vim key remap is glorious!

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