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Discussion on: Manage your secrets in Git with SOPS

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘ • Edited on

but they are still not in sync with our source code.

I make the case, here, that that is a feature.

Take it from someone who has lead the charge on this kind of thing before, yup, there's a lot of history down that road.

If you have someone crowing about how they don't need to worry about etcd backups, because they can restore their entire application from .yaml files, shouldn't that raise an eyebrow, or maybe even some questions? Like, "What about sensitive data or identification is needed by your applications?"

Not to mention that kind of thing sort of screws up the way source control and version control is supposed to work.

Am I going to git bisect and get stuck with old, hopefully expired versions of credentials, too?

shakes his cane at you

mutters incomprehensibly