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Nice! I really, really love the Advent of Code problems. The way the problems are presented is fun and forces you to find the distilled "real" problem within the silly elves and such.

You only submit the solution, so you can use literally whatever tools or language you want as long as it gets the job done.

The author gives example cases so that you can easily approach the problems with TDD.

And how the second half of each question builds on the first also encourages refactoring but since it's only two problems, the Rule of Three* often kicks in.

All that, and the fact that all the old problems are still up to work on!

I've played on other coding sites (leetcode, project euler, codewars), but Advent of code is just great.

*The Rule of Three is meant to temper DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), where you only refactor if you find yourself repeating yourself three times.


I agree! You can write your code in your own editor, run your own tests in your own environment, and submit an answer when you're ready. And I definitely like how the problems tend to let you do a naive approach for the first part but how that can sometimes fall apart and you have to totally re-architect for part 2. :)

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