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Congrats on the new job Omar!

First, your employer most certainly owns anything you create using your work laptop. They may even own everything you make on your own time, but I'm NOT A LAWYER and it comes down to what docs you signed.

Second, there's nothing wrong with having 2 MacBook Pros, at least I hope not because that's what I have!

It sounds like the 2-year-old MacBook is perfect for the kind of side-work you have. I have a similar personal laptop and it's perfect for the weekend hack sessions.

An MB Air or non-Pro MacBook are also valid options. I just held one of the new non-pro MacBooks and omg they are amazing. Granted you throw away all the ports, which would be a deal-breaker if you're doing Arduino or mobile app development, but they are impressive.


Thanks for the congratulations. I'm looking at some of the non pro MacBooks now. It seems like it would be a nice portable weekend work station. I'm not so concerned about the ports. At some point I'm going to get around to building a desk top which I can use if I need ports. But I'm still thinking, after listening to a lot of the folks here having 2 MBPs doesn't seem as weird as I thought.

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